Technical platform

Link gives you the freedom to choose

Does your company have a particular strategy for how to deploy and operate your IT systems? Do you want everything to be in the cloud or is the cloud not an option for you? Do you want your systems to be running in your own data center?

Link gives you the freedom to choose. You can choose a full cloud solution on a Microsoft Azure platform, or you can choose to run Link on your own servers. You get full access to all of Link’s features, no matter which solution you choose.

And it is easy to switch between the two solutions if you need to.

Configurations – your way

In order to exchange business documents with your customers, suppliers and other trading partners, you need to have a number of format definitions and mappings configured between your in-house document formats and your trading partners’ formats. It might also be necessary to develop and configure particular methods of transport.

With Link as your EDI management platform, you decide whether to let your own IT department be in charge of developing these elements or to outsource the development to a partner. The partner could be Bizbrains (the people who created Link) or maybe one of the many Microsoft partners all over the world.

All development in Link takes place on a Microsoft platform, which makes it easy to find people who can help adjust Link to your company and your trading partners.

Open standard development

Link is built on open standards. This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to developing document formats and mappings.

Formats are defined by XSD schemas that are known by IT professionals all over the world and can be developed using several widely available tools.

Mappings between the different formats in your solution are based on another open technology, XSLT, which is also known all over the world and freely available.

Particular components for Link, like for example special encryption services, can be developed in the Microsoft coding platform .NET. This is one of the most popular and used platforms and it is always easy to find developers, if you do not have your own.

Technical platform details

Link is built on a Microsoft platform consisting of Kubernetes, Docker, .NET core and SQL Server. Get a more thorough review of the technical platform with one of our technical experts. Just reach out to us by filling out the form on our contact page, and we'll set up a live demo for you.