Why choose Link?

Stuck with a VAN or homegrown EDI/API solution?

There´s a better way to do B2B integrations.

Since their inception, VAN (Value-Added Network) services have adapted to include the digital functionality today´s buyers and suppliers depend on in the supply chain lifecycle. But relying on the closed network of an external supplier comes with disadvantages such as:

  • Technical and financial dependency on VAN partner
  • Slow partner integration, onboarding, and support
  • Lack of overall supply chain visibility and control

Meanwhile, companies who choose to keep B2B integration in-house, employing a team of experts to custom-code a homegrown EDI/API solution to fit specific business needs often end up experiencing such drawbacks as:

  • Business bottlenecks due to reliance on IT staff for support
  • Difficulty keeping up with technology upgrades
  • Risk of falling out of compliance (GDPR)

Achieve business freedom by outsourcing or insourcing whichever components of B2B integration you want to.

Choose what works best for your company and trading partners. Change your mind at any time.



Create mappings in Link using tools you already have such as Microsoft Visual Studio, MuleSoft, Boomi, SAP PI or CPI, and Azure Logic Apps.

Avoid remapping, extensive system upgrades and handle partner-specific mappings with ease to trade smoothly with global partners – across applications. 


SaaS or hosted on your own servers, we provide the infrastructure needed to ensure good IT governance, security, and technical maintenance of your solution.

Partner Setup

With access to Link, your support staff can onboard new trading partners and setup distributions within minutes. Enable non-tech teams to take charge of the entire partner dialogue – from registering partner names, IDs, and end points - to data exchange specs and testing.

Take a full DIY approach, outsource the process, or lean on our teams to help you when you need it.


Minimize error noise and boost response time by having Link notify the right people in your business when transactions fail.

Once your trading partners and distributions are setup, select employees (or users) to check into inquiries and answer questions about transactions.  Error messages are reader-friendly and include a link to the error source.


“It was important to us not to throw away all the work we’d already put into SAP, which is our entire back end. In SAP, we deal with our invoices, orders, and similar documents, and we’d already completed 500+ mappings in SAP PI. It would’ve meant a whole lot of work if we’d had to junk our SAP PI, so we were happy to avoid that scenario by using Link.” – Jakob Andersen, Integration Manager, Solar