Link - B2B integrations your way

A powerful & flexible integration management platform

The world of integrations is inherently complex, but the Link platform makes it more adaptable, flexible, and efficient to work with. Link is an integration cockpit, built to help your business manage all the processes connected to B2B integration – with minimal impact on your developers, minus the need for a VAN (Value Added Network) partner.

On a single, unified hub your business can connect to trading partners, monitor transactions, and respond to customer inquiries – reframing the way agile global supply chains are managed. With an intuitive interface, the Link platform effectively makes B2B integration a “team sport” and creates added value across departments in any industry by:

  • Enhancing collaboration & supply chain visibility
    Front line employees can use Link to delve into and resolve queries from business partners, without calling on EDI support.
  • Shortening transaction timelines

    EDI support can view transactions and data in Link to take control of even in-depth EDI onboarding tasks such as FTP account creation, AS2 configuration or error handling easily on the Link platform - without the need for IT intervention.

  • Freeing up company time & resources

    Developers can take advantage of reduced workload without support related tasks and focus on the technical `heavy lifting´.