Link - your way

A dedicated and adjustable EDI and API Integration Management Platform

Link is an EDI/API integration management platform, that automates your information flow:

  • Internally between departments and systems
  • Externally with your trading partners

Skip the manual processes

You can use Link to exchange all kinds of business-critical information. It could be externally with your customers, suppliers and other trading partners, or it might be internally between your company’s various departments and IT systems.

Link primarily handles two tasks:

  • Moves information from A to B (A and B can be two different companies or two different systems in the same company).
  • Translates the information so that A and B understand each other.

You can use Link no matter what information you need to move and whatever file formats you want to send and receive the information in.


Some of your many options with Link

  • Supply chain integration: Keep track of your suppliers and increase your sales.
  • PIM integration: Save time and make sure your products are presented properly.
  • CRM integration: Keep track of customer data across your entire organization.
  • ERP integration: Become more agile and improve your competitiveness.
  • Inventory integration: Automate the exchange of information between business and (possibly outsourced) inventory.
  • Whatever-you-need integration: Your possibilities are almost endless as you can integrate all kinds of solutions with Link.


Save time and increase data quality

When you have Link, you do not have to spend time calling, emailing or faxing information back and forth with your customers and suppliers, or between the various departments of your company. All the time you spend today entering information from Excel sheets, emails, and printed documents, you can spend on something much more valuable instead. At the same time, the data quality increases significantly because you avoid the errors that inevitably happen when handling data manually.


In the cloud or on your own servers – it is up to you

It is completely up to you whether you want a hosted version of Link or if you prefer an installation in your own environment. We will help you get started, no matter what you choose.