How to get started

Implementing your new integration management platform

You probably already have an EDI solution, but need something new. Maybe you developed your own solution, which has proven to be too expensive to maintain. Or perhaps you have an EDI-add-on to your SAP, Dynamics, Oracle or another ERP system that just does not cut it anymore.

However, it is still a big decision to start redefining your EDI management. But a well-planned transition will make the changeover as smooth as possible.

Step 1

Proof of concept

First step is to make sure that Link is in fact the right solution for you and your company. The best way to figure this out is by making a proof of concept (POC), where you can test Link in a production scenario with a few of your trading partners.

We will typically set up your POC on our SaaS cloud platform, so that you do not have to worry about servers or installation. We just need access to transfer data back and forth between Link and your ERP system. Your ERP team can choose how they prefer to allow the data transfer: (S)FTP, AS2, through Link Client (a service that you install) or something else.

Our consultants will set up your trading partners in Link, once we have gained access to the data. Then we can test the solution in collaboration with you so that you are ready to try Link yourself.

A POC will typically take 2-3 weeks to set up.

Step 2


Now you must decide if you want to have Link on your own servers, or if you want to continue with a full cloud solution.

Once you have made this decision, you can start the transformation from your old EDI solution to Link, which you can do in collaboration with us or another partner.

You will always be able to find experts to assist you because Link is built on open standards and Microsoft technologies.

How long will the transformation take?

The time frame will depend mainly on three things:

1) If it is possible to reuse your existing mappings.
2) How much your trading partner’s requirements vary.
3) The quality of the documentation provided.

We have successfully accomplished many transformations from old EDI systems, so we can give you a pretty accurate estimate of the necessary work after we have analyzed your existing integrations.

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