Compliance & Security

Link accommodates any EDI-related security and compliance requirement

Like many large companies in regulated industries, for example pharma, defense, banking, insurance, etc., your company probably has security and compliance requirements for IT solutions and processes.

With Link as your EDI-management platform, you can accommodate any EDI-related security and compliance requirements. If the requirements are not already supported out-of-the-box, the solution can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

This makes Link very useful for critical conditions. For example, the Danish Military Intelligence has approved Link to support “national critical infrastructure” in the energy sector. Link has also been approved by one of the largest banks in Scandinavia and many other organizations, whose compliance requirements are especially strict.

Examples of features in Link that support strict compliance requirements

  • Management of user permissions. You can grant or limit all functions to the individual user and/or user groups.
  • Logging of all searches in the document archives. Link registers which user is doing which search as well as the results.
  • Searching for documents with personal data (an important part of your company’s handling of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).
  • Encryption of the external communication with your trading partners.

Link accommodates your in-house policies

Do you have any special rules for those who are allowed to change the setup in your EDI solution? Or do you want certain data to be hidden from the support analysts?

Link makes it possible to adjust all permissions to your in-house policies, so that they are in compliance with how you should work.

Link accommodates all security requirements

Link can encrypt all data traffic, so that no unauthorized personnel can follow the data exchange between your company and your trading partners.

Link supports many different secure protocols like, for example, AS2, AS4, OFTP, SFTP and PGP, and our development team can implement any form of specific administration, if you have any specific requests.

For example, we implemented the ENTSOG standard for the European gas import and export industry. This required a specific mechanism for automatic change of certificate.

Easy certificate management

Link makes working with certificates easy. You can set up a document exchange through a method of transport that requires certificate management (for example AS2) and store the certificate in Link. Without even involving anyone from IT.

Find out more about how Link can accommodate your specific requirements

Link has been created and developed with strict security and compliance requirements in mind. Would you like to find out if Link can accommodate your special requirements?

Contact us to get to know Link and find out how the platform can fit your needs.