Take control of your B2B processes with self-service integration

As your business expands, so does the number of trading partners and business transactions. With Bizbrains Link, you get an all-in-one integration platform (iPaaS) with self-service capabilities to manage your daily B2B operations, such as onboarding new partners and handling errors.

Learn how our iPaaS can improve your business.

... and get rid of black box EDI

Whether you’ve chosen to outsource your integration setup or keep it in-house, you’ve probably encountered the frustration of having either your VAN provider or internal IT department causing bottlenecks while handling everyday EDI processes. 

Why not make your EDI setup transparent and accessible for your business teams?

What makes Bizbrains Link different

Link isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, Link is an iPaaS tailored for your B2B integrations and related EDI tasks, offering a comprehensive overview of your B2B connections.

Here's what you can expect:
User-friendly design

Bizbrains Link simplifies tech-centric complexity with robust support and intuitive business functionality. Its user-friendly interface enables non-technical teams to navigate daily operations seamlessly, without relying on specialized IT knowledge. 

A flexible solution

Bizbrains Link allows you to customize your integration needs, whether outsourcing or managing internally. From support and onboarding to adapting processes as your business evolves, our platform ensures flexibility at every growth stage. 

Empowered ownership

Bizbrains Link provides you with full ownership of your code—mappings, validations, and logic. Built on standard technology, the code remains yours to repurpose, demonstrating our dedication to transparency and independence in your tech pursuits.

Seamless reusability

Leverage existing investments with Link’s ability to integrate and reuse mappings and functionalities from platforms like SAP PI/CPI, BizTalk, Mulesoft, and Boomi. This not only conserves your resources but also honors the skills your developers have cultivated, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in operations.

Unmatched security & compliance

Bizbrains Link ensures high standards of security. We utilize certified data centers like Microsoft Azure for constant monitoring, offering multifactor authentication and configurable access to ensure your data’s integrity. Tailored compliance solutions are also available to meet sector-specific needs. 


Dedicated partnership

Bizbrains Link is more than a B2B integration platform—it’s a partnership with a team of over 30 integration specialists committed to your success. From guiding you through implementation to training your teams, we are invested in your growth and proficiency in using Link. 

How Link benefits your entire organization

With Link, you're not only strengthening the overall business. You're also contributing to
each individual employee's ability to successfully perform their tasks.
Head of IT
Integration Manager
EDI Developer
Solution Architect
EDI Supporter

Hear it from our customers

Using Link, our integration specialists can often onboard new customers and suppliers while they’re actually talking to them on the phone. This is hugely valuable for us and for our customers

Jakob Andersen, Director of Digital Product Delivery

Frequently asked questions

Link can work both as a SaaS and on-premise solution. However, most of our clients prefer Link as a SaaS solution, which is carefully designed to meet high standards of scalability and security. If your company prefers a different strategy, you also have the option to install Link on-premise in your own operating environment, whether on a private or public cloud platform such as Azure tenant, AWS, or Google.

Yes, if you choose Link as a SaaS solution, we provide 24/7 support for the platform. Additionally, regardless of the deployment model chosen, you can opt for support for your data flow. Many of our clients choose 2nd level data flow support because Link is designed to make 1st line support straightforward and easily manageable through your own support or helpdesk system.

Link is based on auto-scalable containers, making it well-equipped to handle growing volumes and large peaks in document flows efficiently.

With clients in the finance and pharma sectors, Link meets the most rigorous standards in compliance and security. Should you have any specific requirements, we can tailor the solution accordingly. We utilize certified data centers and cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Azure, to monitor the Link platform 24/7. All data traffic and archiving can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to external communications with your trading partners. Link also offers multi-factor authentication, integration with Azure AD and access configuration for individual users or user groups, which controls both the rights to work with data and the use of specific features.

Yes, Link can integrate with any business application. We have extensive experience integrating with internal systems of any type or software brand. Built on proven cloud technology (.NET Core, Docker, Kubernetes), Link is compatible with any IT system you need for your B2B integrations.

Link provides extensive data validation mechanisms and fine-grained access control options (both at the data and functional levels). Document retention can also be configured for individual document types.

Yes, Link is well-suited for both real-time API and file-based EDI integrations. This versatility is one of the key differentiators between Link and traditional B2B platforms, which often offer limited support for more than one type of integration.

Yes, we operate our own certified PEPPOL endpoint within the Link platform. This connection gives you access to over 400,000 PEPPOL-registered businesses globally.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what Link can do for you and your business.