SAP integration made simple

Your unified EDI solution

With Link as your EDI management platform, you can bridge your SAP system with a variety of ERP systems used by your trading partners.

Bridging the gap between SAP and ERP

Link serves as the vital bridge connecting a company’s SAP solution with diverse ERP systems used by their trading partners. Instead of navigating the maze of “EDI branches” that once defined their complex setup, all EDI functions can reside within a unified solution. This means that employees only need to consult one source for answers to their myriad document exchange queries.

Streamlined operations

Link for SAP doesn’t require an overhaul of existing, well-functioning features like mapping. Instead, it allows the seamless integration of desired functionalities into a single, accessible platform. Whether you’re an EDI specialist, a buyer, a salesperson, an IT expert, or something entirely different, Link provides easy access to the same accurate data, ensuring streamlined operations across the board.

Four key benefits of SAP integration with Link

Accelerated partner onboarding

Simplify and expedite the onboarding process for new trading partners by reducing the reliance on IT specialists.

Enhanced organizational support

Empower departments like Purchasing and Sales with self-service capabilities, enabling them to find answers independently.

Robust compliance

Ensure complete compliance as Link logs and documents all aspects of your document exchange activities.

Heightened security

Elevate data protection and user management, enhancing overall security levels.

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