Fortified compliance and security for demanding industries

Integrating data between separate companies demands robust security. Link is built with security as a top priority, ensuring data integrity and safety from the ground up.

Built with security at its core

Choose Link as your EDI management platform to seamlessly meet all your security and compliance requirements. Our adaptable solution ensures a perfect fit, even for critical applications. Trusted by organizations like Danish Military Intelligence and major Scandinavian banks, Link is your key to compliance excellence.

Secure deployment options

80% of Link users choose our SaaS solution, hosted on Microsoft Kubernetes Services (KAS), known for its robustness. Endorsed by security professionals in various industries, it’s a trusted choice. For those preferring self-deployment, it’s an option, but requires expertise in container-based solutions. We offer guidance to tailor the solution to your organization’s needs and industry regulations.

Effortless user management

Link offers customizable user profiles, access levels, and alignment with your user management strategy. Control data access and actions with precision using user groups, roles, and data groups. If you use Azure Active Directory, synchronization with Link streamlines rights management, reducing redundancy and keeping systems in sync.

Four key features that support strict compliance requirements

Management of user permissions. You can grant or limit all functions to the individual user and/or user groups.

Logging of all searches in the document archives. Link registers which user is doing which search as well as the results.

Searching for documents with personal data (an important part of your company’s handling of the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR).

Encryption of the external communication with your trading partners.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what Link can do for you & your business.