Master Data Management

Across stores worldwide

An example of a Bizbrains Master Data solution comes from a retail chain of franchises worldwide.

The chain has a lot of data collected centrally. Still, the individual stores themselves must also be able to maintain and update information, for example regarding opening hours or special offers to customers. This places extra high demands on the fact that the chain's many IT systems can talk to each other and that they all have access to correct data. 

When the chain approached Bizbrains, customer and store data existed in different versions, which were spread across just as many different systems and Excel sheets.

Today, the chain has this setup instead:

Both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sitecore provide data to a Data Repository, which, based on defined rules, determined the correct version of data. This "true version" is pushed back to Dynamics 365 and Sitecore as well as to the chain's CRM system (Salesforce).

The integration platform Link takes care of the transport of data across the various systems. Simultaneously, Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) makes it easy for the company to manage the Data Repository itself.

In many of the chain's stores, they have been used to working with data in Excel, and not everyone feels comfortable having to get to know new systems. Therefore, Bizbrains have made sure they can work in views of Sitecore, which is similar to Excel, without being so. In this way, the chain's high requirements for data quality are met, while at the same time, the needs of the individual stores are met.