Master Data Management

Across internal and external systems

In the illustration below, you can see an example of a Master Data solution we have made together with a Danish energy and supply company.

The company has various billing systems (SonWin and Navibilling) as well as Microsoft CRM, all of which need accurate and up-to-date data. The company also needs to draw on data from the credit rating service Experian and from IDQ (independent service that offers updated information about both citizens, companies, and their addresses).

The company decided to contact Bizbrains when they needed to update their CRM system. They needed to keep customer, installation, and product data up to date across all the systems mentioned in the beginning. That became possible with the help of the Link Data Repository, which makes sure that they can:

  • gather information from all systems
  • create one single/"true" version of data (according to the company's definitions)
  • push this version out to all relevant systems so that they are regularly updated

On top of the Data Repository is Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS), which enables the company to maintain data centrally instead of entering and correcting directly in, for example, the CRM system.

There are many apparent benefits to mastering Master Data, for example, avoiding sending two letters or emails with the same content to the same person.

The fact that this specific company became interested in Master Data Management was partly because they had two men who were full-time employees handling return mail. For example, bills that came back because the recipients had moved. By getting better control of data, the company can minimize the number of incorrect shipments - and optimize the possibility of receiving payment on time.