Master Data Management
Build the best data foundation

Good integration requires mastery of Master Data

If you want to integrate your various IT systems, you need to be in control of Master Data. Because it does not make sense to let your systems talk to each other if they do not speak from the same basis.

You probably have data about the same customers, suppliers, products, employees, etc. distributed in several systems. If you are not working with Master Data, you most likely need to remember to update multiple systems every you need to fix something. If one the other hand, you have mastered Master Data, you always have one version of the truth (a golden record) that all systems can draw on.

How reliable is your data foundation today?

Many companies designate some of their systems to have the "correct" data of a specific type - like a master. For example, a CRM system can be a customer master, and a PIM system can be a product master.

Others might decide that the ERP system should be the master of all data.

But there may well be data about your customers that are not relevant to your CRM system, just as there may be data about your products that are not relevant to your PIM system, etc. That means that your systems are forced to contain all sorts of information they are not really intended for.

Gather data and get one version of the truth

With a Master Data solution from Bizbrains, all your data is gathered in a Data Repository. Data Repository (a module in the Link integration platform) is a neutral system for collecting and combining data from your various business systems. Using a set of rules that you define in collaboration with us, the Data Repository looks at data from all your systems and defines from there the "true" version of a given data unit. This version of the truth is then pushed out to all relevant systems.

Link Data Repository not only handles data from your systems but can also subscribe to information from, for example, credit rating services, personal registers, address registers, etc.

Increase data quality and save time

With Data Repository, you support processes that go across departments and systems. For example, if you create a product in your ERP system, other systems are automatically updated with the information relevant to them. And as you enter more and more data about the product throughout the company, all systems are updated immediately with the new information, provided they are relevant to the individual system.

The obvious advantage, of course, is that you only have to enter data once. There may be some types of data you will always enter in your CRM system, others in your ERP system, etc. And you do not have to force one of your existing systems to know something it is not supposed to know.

In addition to saving time on manual entry of data, you also increase the data quality across the entire company because you are never in doubt about its golden records.

Unique ability to track your data exchanges

When you choose a Master Data solution from Bizbrains, it is always centered around the Data Repository and thus our integration platform, Link. Link is the engine that transports data between the Data Repository and your various business systems. In addition, Link gives you a unique opportunity to track your data exchanges. If an error occurs in the data exchanges, you can always see exactly where it went wrong and where it occurred. At the same time, you get a suggestion on how to fix the error and get back on track as quickly as possible.

Optimize your data exchange processes

When we at Bizbrains help your company with Master Data, it is not only about you getting control of data, but also about improving your data exchange processes.

Below you will find some examples of how Master Data solutions have helped improve the workflows of two selected companies.

Examples of Master Data solutions

Master Data across internal and external systems

A Danish energy and supply company had to update their CRM system. They needed to collect customer, installation, and product data across various internal systems and external data information services. We have helped them make this possible, and among the many advantages of this Master Data solution is that the amount of return mail has dropped significantly. Read more.

Master Data across stores worldwide

A retail chain with stores worldwide enters a lot of data centrally, but they also enter a lot of data at the individual franchisee. That meant that data about customers and stores existed in many different versions in just as many different systems and Excel sheets. Today, they have complete control over which data is the correct data with a Master Data solution from Bizbrains. Read more.

Meet our Master Data Guru

Book a meeting with Claus who is our Master Data Guru and get down to business.

Claus has managed some of the largest master data tasks for our clients.



GS1 and GDSN

When you sell your products to COOP, Dansk Supermarked, Rema 1000 and other retailers, your product master data has to be in a GDSN database. In Denmark, this database is called GS1 Trade Sync, in Sweden it is Validoo – and there are 30 others around the world.

Bizbrains is part of the GS1 partner programme, and can therefore help with both consulting and implementation.

Read more about GDSN at GS1 Danmark