Chapter 3 - EDI Standards: Pros, Cons & Alternatives

eBook - The Next Generation of EDI Integration: Navigating the Shift to a Fully Integrated Digital Supply Chain

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Dennis Zachariasen

Dennis Zachariasen

Solution Architect & Co-founder

8 pages

27 Apr 2023

“Standards” have long been recognized as the backbone of electronic data interchange.

But, issues like lengthy code lists, tedious “re-mapping” and FTX segment customization can make them harder to understand and work with.

When EDI first came into play during the 70´s, countless institutions have attempted to standardize the way messages are sent across different regions and verticals – which made way for EDI Standards. Because they are widely recognized and typically cover a wide range of business needs, standards continue to dominate the EDI industry.

In Chapter 3 of The Next Generation of EDI Integration, explore our suggestions on effectively integrating EDI standards into your business processes and leveraging them to strengthen relationships with trading partners.

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