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3 min

ChatGPT & AI´s role in the future of EDI

Does ChatGPT have a place in the future of EDI and B2B integration? Read more to learn how you can potentially use AI to enhance mappings, verify formats and solve transaction errors to support your trading partners.

2 min

Protecting Your Business: The Importance of Data Integration Security

Are your data integrations truly safe? Read more to find out why you should be doubling down on your security efforts.

3 min

4 Reasons to Move from your BizTalk Server to Azure iPaaS

Given BizTalk´s upcoming end of life starting in 2029, Microsoft is urging users to migrate from their Biztalk servers to Azure iPaaS cloud native solutions. Here are 4 more reasons to make the move.

3 min read

Encoding 101 - Part 4: So, what can we do?

In this final part of the series, we discuss how to prevent encoding problems.

6 min read

Encoding 101 - Part 3: Error Scenarios

This time we dive into some of the kinds of errors that can arise from interpreting data using a different encoding than the one which was used to make them.

4 min read

Encoding 101 - Part 2: Differences between various encodings

This time we introduce two of the most common encodings in use today and look at some of their differences.

8 min read

Encoding 101 - Part 1: What Is Encoding?

So, you might think that text is simply text. Well, think again. In this series of blog posts we shall descend to the byte level, study how text is actually represented by computers, and discuss how this impacts your integration solutions.