Complete flexibility in transport type selection​

Have a preferred method for exchanging business documents? AS2, VAN, SFTP, API, or perhaps something else entirely? Link empowers both you and your trading partners with the freedom to make that choice.​

Total EDI document transport freedom​

In the past, VANs were the go-to method for exchanging EDI documents due to limited options. But times have changed. Now, with Link, you have the power to choose from a variety of modern transport methods like AS2, AS4, FTP, SFTP, API, Email, PEPPOL, and more. Take control of your document exchange with Link’s flexible transport options.

Easy transport type selection

Selecting the ideal transport type has never been simpler. In Link, setting up your trading partner is a breeze – click on “Locations,” choose your agreed-upon transport type from the dropdown menu, and you’re done. Easy as that.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what Link can do for you & your business.