Effortless trading partner management

The easiest way to onboard and manage thousands of trading partners.

Set up new partners in no time

Simplify the onboarding process and daily administration for your numerous trading partners. Whether they’re customers, suppliers, logistics providers, or more, Link streamlines partner management. Exchange a wide range of documents, from orders to advanced supply-chain processes.

Keep an overview of partners

Register a name and a unique identifier, like a GLN. Link supports various formats, whether it’s classic EDI (EDIFACT, X12) or modern options like XML, CSV, JSON, and more. You and your partners decide on document exchange methods, even utilizing VAN partners.

Customized partner grouping

Easily categorize your diverse partners – suppliers, customers, logistics providers, etc. Create custom labels and group partners as needed. Partners can belong to multiple groups, facilitating efficient organization.

Accelerated testing

Link expedites partner testing with features like easy FTP/SFTP setup. No more waiting for IT to create FTP accounts; you can instantly set up accounts and passwords for testing document exchanges with your partners.

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