Simplified EDI tracking & search

Unlock effortless document retrieval.

Find any document with ease

Locate transactions swiftly by various criteria: date range, sender, recipient, document type, and transaction status. Say goodbye to complex searches.

Tailor your search criteria

Customize searches with additional options like booking numbers, item numbers, or any specific criteria you require. Filter and organize results to manage extensive data effortlessly.

Comprehensive document details

Dive deep into your documents’ content, metadata, format, mapping specifics, transaction history, AS2 MDN status, time stamps, and more. Gain invaluable insights into every aspect of your transactions.

Simple document resending

Seamlessly resend documents, whether due to mapping errors or recipient issues, directly from your search results. Link allows you to simplify your whole document management process.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what Link can do for you & your business.