Proactive error management

Get instant error alerts with Link, ensuring seamless operations and preventing disruptions to your business.

Efficient error resolution

With a multitude of trading partners and document transactions, errors may require manual intervention. Link’s advanced error management swiftly identifies issues, notifying the appropriate personnel immediately. This proactive approach expedites resolution, optimizing your EDI processes and saving valuable time.

Customized error notifications

Link empowers you to define error stakeholders. You choose the individuals or teams responsible for addressing specific error types. Whether it’s your customer-facing staff, EDI experts, or IT personnel, ensure errors are swiftly addressed and transactions secured, your way.

Proactive alerts

Stay informed not only about errors but also about important “non-events.” These proactive alerts ensure that expected transactions occur as planned. For example, if you’re supposed to receive a daily batch of waybills by 11 AM, Link will notify you if they’re missing. You can even involve your customer in the resolution process. If there’s no response, Link ensures the right person in your organization is alerted.

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