All your EDI agreements in one place

Link gives you a complete overview of all agreements with your customers, suppliers, logistics partners and other B2B partners.

Simple 4-step setup

Step 1

Choose the sender and the recipient

A distribution requires two parties: A sender and a recipient. One of these is your organization, while the other is either a customer, a supplier or maybe a public authority, which you can choose from your list of partners in Link.

Step 2

Choose the type of document

A document type could be, for example, an order, an invoice, a delivery note, a product catalog, or an inventory status aso. There are no limits to the type of documents that you can exchange in Link.

Step 3

Choose a format

You can choose between different formats for every type of document. That way, you can accommodate your business partners’ specific demands. For example, if you have a supplier who wants to receive an order in the format EDIFACT ORDERS D96A or in X12 850 V6020.

Link gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to exchanging exactly the document formats you need.

Step 4

Choose a transport type

Now all you need to do is choose how you wish to send and receive your documents.

Not convinced yet? Let us show you what Link can do for you & your business.