A new CEO at Bizbrains

After an illustrious 11-year tenure at the helm of Bizbrains, Nicolai Krog will pass the baton with great expectations. His leadership has been instrumental in the success of our integration platform, Link, on the foreign market, and this transition is part of a strategic plan to ensure its further growth.  

Beginning at the start of 2023, Bizbrains´ new CEO will be another experienced IT executive, Morten Klank. Morten has a background as CEO of both Hostnordic and RushFiles – and, most recently, Managing Director of the EnviDan group’s software division. 

“Morten has the perfect profile to ensure Bizbrains’ continued success,” says Nicolai Krog. 

“He has experience in managing SaaS companies that expand internationally and is incredibly dedicated. In addition, it has been absolutely crucial for us to find a person who naturally fits in with the open, warm, helpful culture we have at Bizbrains – and here, all arrows pointed to Morten.” 

With the change in Bizbrains’ top management, Nicolai Krog will now take on a new, central role as the company’s Chief Product Officer:  

Over the past two to three years, Bizbrains has undergone a significant transformation, transitioning from a consultancy business to a software house. This strategic shift necessitates a renewed focus on product development and strengthening.  

With my deep knowledge of Link and the potential of this product, it was an obvious choice for me to focus on that in the future. With this in mind, I´m very much looking forward to working with Morten once he puts on the CEO cap.”