Support, operation, and governance

Set your developers free!

Who in your company should answer questions like:

  • Why has this invoice not been sent to our customer?
  • Why have I not received the usual 1000 orders from customer XX today?
  • Is our ERP system in sync with the new information in the CRM?

In many companies, only the integration developers can answer such questions simply because the integration platforms are so complex that no one else can find the answers.

This complexity means that integration developers are extremely busy. I addition to creating new solutions for sales, purchasing, and other departments, they also have to take care of the daily operations of the integration solution. Not to mention governance issues: Are our integrations GDPR-compliant? How do we ensure correct reporting to management? Etc.

The developers should not have to spend their time on tasks like these.

Link: Your portal to governance, daily operations, and support

With Link, you get a portal that makes it possible to allocate support and operational tasks related to your integration solution to the lesser technical employees. This means that you can ease the developers' task load so that they can focus on more important tasks. Often, ordinary employees will be able to find the answers to questions about the documents you exchange with your customers and suppliers - or about the data, you exchange internally between your business systems.

You can use Link as a portal for governance, daily operations, and support, regardless of the integration platform you use in your company.


What you get with Link

  • Tracking & Search: Link logs any data exchange and makes it easy to find all the information you need about your transactions.
  • Archive with differential retention: Control how long each document type is stored - some need to be stored for a very long time because of governmental requirements, others need to be stored for a particularly short time due to sensitive personal information.
  • Monitoring: Get a real-time overview of servers, networks, disks, databases, and whatever else that might be included in your solution for a stable data flow. 
  • Notifications about errors and non-events: Find out immediately if a transaction error has occurred or if a usual exchange has not occurred suddenly.
  • Reporting: Thanks to the detailed logging of your transactions, you can pull out every conceivable report, possibly combined with your Business Intelligence tools.
  • User Management: Assign privileges at the user or user group level. Link automatically logs every action so that you are always able to see who did what.
  • GDPR Compliance: Easily search for any document that contains sensitive personal data.
  • Audit Trail: All configuration changes are logged, and it is possible to get an overview of who has searched and viewed which transactions.
  • Setting up uniform integrations: If you have many similar integrations - e.g., many customers or suppliers that you exchange orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc. with, you can advantageously entrust setup and maintenance to others than those with strong IT skills. Link can control most variations in such exchanges via simple configuration.
  • Connector for your integration platform: Link comes out-of-the-box with connectors for Azure, BizTalk, and Dell Boomi. Other platforms are supported via REST API.

You can, of course, also just choose Link as your integration platform. Then the portal is built into your integration solution from the beginning.

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