A2A integration

Automate your internal information flow 

Get control of all your data in your business

Many companies invest in a lot of excellent IT solutions to manage their finances, production, customers, suppliers, inventory, and much more. Others fill their ERP systems with a lot of extra functions because they cannot handle the many integrations that need to be done when you employ several different systems. However, the solution with "everything in ERP" has the consequence that you might not have the best systems for all your different tasks.

So, what do you do if you do not want a spaghetti monster of chaotic integrations, but you also do not want to force your ERP system to handle tasks that it is not designed for?

An excellent solution to this could be the integration platform Link because Link allows you to add an endless number of systems while maintaining a complete overview without having to compromise with data quality.

With Link, you do not have to spend time struggling with complex integrations. Instead, you get one integration point that unites all your systems and ensures they each rely on the same valid data.



You only have to update your data in one place

Do you sometimes come across conflicting information about the same customer in your ERP system and your CRM? E.g., a delivery address that is not identical in the two systems? Or do you have other systems that should show the same information but do not?

You can avoid these kinds of problems if you have one place for shared data (master data) that all your systems can rely on for information. You can get that certainty with Link. Link collects all your data, and when you add or change the information in one system, Link makes sure to update all the other relevant systems that contain the same information.

That way, you are sure to have the correct data across your entire business, no matter if we are talking sales, purchasing, production, finance, inventory, or something else entirely.