External integration (B2B/EDI)
Automate your external information flow

With Link, you can automatically exchange orders, invoices, delivery notes, product information – and all other data that you usually exchange with your customers, suppliers, and other trading partners.

Link connects you with your trading partners by “translating” between your respective file formats so that you understand each other and by providing information on the ways you each prefer. This is what some people call EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).


Send information in any kind of format

Link can translate to any file format. It could be EDIFACT, XML, OIOUBL, CSV, text or Excel, just to mention a few examples. It can be any type of format that you and your trading partners use.

Use any kind of exchange method

You can freely choose how you want to exchange information with your trading partners. For example, NemHandel, FTP, HTTP, VANS, e-mail, or Dropbox. Link makes sure your trading partners receive the information precisely the way they prefer.