Tracking: Get real time status of all your business documents

Waiting on important orders? Need to check inventory and forecasts? Link puts the information you need at your fingertips with real-time document overview – from receipt to dispatch. 

Enable everyone in your business to find the exact data they need

Empower your employees to streamline their operations and enhance their level of service. With a comprehensive suite of tools, including tracking fields, resend function, make custom views and save searches as shortcuts translation, document tracking allows you to take your business to the next level. 

Customize your search criteria and save them as shortcuts

Effortlessly find any document with our platform's robust search options, including date range, sender, recipient, document type, and transaction status. Tailor your searches with additional criteria like booking or item numbers. Save customized searches as shortcuts for quick access, streamlining your workflow and saving time, especially when handling a variety of specific failed documents.

Easy pause or resend your documents

Encounter a mapping error or recipient issue? No problem. Seamlessly resend or put your transactions on hold directly from your search results. Our module simplifies the entire document management process, ensuring you can correct issues quickly and efficiently.

Get detailed insights

In addition to easy document retrieval, you can fully explore and view all details. Access data exactly as received, sent, specific logs, and delve deep into document specifics, including content, metadata, and format.

Allow for differentiated access

Do you possess diverse document types that shouldn't be accessible to all? Decide which individuals within the company should have access to specific documents. Managing who can see what provides increased security.

Unlock competitive advantages 

Elevating your document management process is more than an operational upgrade—it’s a strategic business advantage. In fact, there are more:  

Efficient problem resolution

With the capability to resend documents directly from your search results, addressing mapping errors or recipient issues has never been easier. 

Increased customer satisfaction

By optimizing your employees' approach to error handling, they can assist customers more quickly and solve issues while on the phone.

Improved decision-making

The detailed document insights offer a comprehensive understanding of your transactions, giving you the power to make decisions that drive your business forward.

Saved IT resources with autonomous employees

Empower business teams to resolve issues without IT acting as an intermediary, fostering a more agile and responsive operational environment.

Hear it from our customers 

Discover how our customers accelerated efficiency and enhanced customer service. 

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