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Integration Maturity

This article will explore the different stages of integration maturity, illuminating the path for businesses like yours seeking to optimize their operations and stay on top of the digitization curve.

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SAP cloud integration for B2B connections

Learn how to support business processes, meet integration requirements and get introduced to a modern solution that will help you get a better handle on your B2B integrations in SAP through improved platform performance in areas such as error handling, partner onboarding and reusability.

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Mastering integration: Strategy, selection & success stories

Discover the benefits of efficient integration, highlighting real-world successes. Dive into aligning strategies with organizational goals and grasp the ROI of integration efforts. Most crucially, get guided expertise on choosing the right integration platform. A practical checklist and vital insights await.

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Mastering automation & compliance with the power of EDI

Is your company trading with a large number of customers and suppliers? But do you find it hard to automate the processes of P2P (procure-to-pay) or O2C (order-to-cash) while staying compliant with the e-invoicing directives? We have joined forces with Deloitte and Flügger to provide you with expert knowledge on e-invoicing in the EU and real-world insight into the power of automation.

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Explore the potential of AI in EDI. Learn how you can use ChatGPT to optimize B2B processes and provide better support for trading partners. Watch a live demo showing you how to build XSL transformations, create prompts to correct your code and discover how soon in ChatGPT´s future your teams might be able to use it perform complex EDI tasks like onboarding or error handling.

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Migration zero

The wrong approach to data migration can cause budget & resource overuse, and missed deadlines. Learn how to craft a migration strategy that suits your company’s requirements and goals and find out if a gradual or “all-at-once” method is best for your team.

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