Turn your EDI black box into a white box

Your EDI setup doesn’t need to remain a black box slowing down your business. With Link, it can become a white box, empowering your business teams to handle EDI-related tasks and issues firsthand.

Unveiling the black box

Whether you’ve chosen to insource or outsource your integration setup, you’ve probably encountered the frustration of having either your VAN provider or internal IT department causing bottlenecks while handling everyday EDI processes. 

This is what we mean by black box EDI, referring to the lack of transparency and understanding regarding the EDI processes involved in your B2B integrations. 

However, there’s a way to take control of your EDI processes and empower your business teams with self-service, turning your EDI into a white box. 

Are your EDI operations a black box to you?
This might be some of your challenges and concerns

In-house challenges

  • New integration setups dependent on often scarce IT resources 
  • IT is likely to become bottlenecked in fulfilling business needs 
  • Difficulty in keeping up with technology & heavy reliance on key IT employees 

Outsourcing challenges

  • Financial dependency on outsourcing partner (VANS) 
  • Technical dependency on outsourcing partner (VANS) 
  • New integration setups slowed due to 3rd party involvement 

Eliminate those challenges and start optimizing your business processes by making EDI accessible to non-IT individuals in your different business units.

That is what our customers do. 

" People often ask me if EDI isn’t a black box, but it’s simply not the case with Link. I might be a semi-nerd, but with Link, the EDI world is also open to those who aren’t as nerdy. For example, we’ve given our colleagues in the finance and logistics departments viewing rights to Link so that they can find much of the information they need themselves. They’ve become much more self-reliant. "
Palle Andersen
Business Administrant, Flügger

Benefits of turning your EDI into a white box

Streamlined IT operations with minimized time dedicated to EDI management
Enhanced business efficiency through simplified EDI management
Eliminated intermediaries by empowering self-resolution of issues
Reduced reliance on specialized EDI knowledge for task resolution
Accelerated onboarding process, enhanced overview, and swift document retrieval

Empower your business teams to manage and support daily EDI operations with Link

With our integration platform, Bizbrains Link, you can streamline your EDI operations to fit seamlessly with your existing workflows. Our platform is tailored to your specific processes. 

Link makes EDI accessible and manageable for your frontline business units, turning EDI into a team sport, rather than a bottleneck within your IT department or with your VAN-provider. 

In other words, Link is your integration cockpit offering a complete overview of all your electronic data flows. 

Other benefits of Link

  • Stay ahead of errors by monitoring your processes in real-time with Link’s comprehensive monitoring capabilities. 
  • Enable easy access and comprehension for everyone in your business through a simple user interface 
  • Empower your teams with self-service for business, allowing them to manage their EDI processes autonomously. 
  • Gain a competitive edge with enhanced agility across your organization. 
  • Automate EDI processes to prevent technology from becoming a barrier to collaboration. 

Other benefits of Link

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