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Integration dilemma: The battle between simplicity & complexity

Struggling with choosing the right integration strategy for your business? Do you go with a simple integration setup or a more advanced approach? We’re invited integration experts Torben Eilerskov and Mikkel Iversen to join us in the studio to discuss the integration dilemma. Join us to gain real-world insights and discover your ideal integration strategy. Click “Read more” to sign up now!
Torben lundholm Ellerskov-3
Torben Eilerskov
Senior IT Architect at DK Company
Mikkel Iversen
Mikkel Iversen
Business Development Director at Redpill Linpro
Dennis Zachariasen
Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist at Bizbrains

Previous Events

Migration Zero
On-demand webinar
Migration zero
Learn how to build a successful integration platform migration strategy with Mikkel Iversen from Redpill Linpro.
SAP Cloud Integration for B2B Connections
On-demand webinar
SAP cloud integration for B2B connections
Unlock a guide to migrating from SAP PI/PO to SAP Integration Suite with SAP expert Daniel Graversen.
Building Better Security around your Integrations
On-demand webinar
Building better security around your integrations
Learn how to shield the heart of your business – your integration platform, with Bizbrains’ Head of IT.
On-demand webinar
Find out if AI can help optimize your B2B integration processes together with Bizbrains’ CTO Paw Pedersen.
Mastering Automation & Compliance with the Power of EDI
On-demand webinar
Mastering automation & compliance with the power of EDI
Discover how to empower your business with efficiency together with Deloitte and Flügger.
Capture 2
On-demand webinar
Mastering integration: strategy, selection, & success stories
Explore integration benefits and strategy together with Redpill Linpro’s Mikkel Iversen.