How Flügger broke free from IT dependency

Read how Flügger transformed their EDI landscape, making it accessible for non-IT individuals. With Bizbrains Link in place, Flügger positively impacted both bottom line and customer relationships.


Before Bizbrains’ intervention, Flügger confronted a range of challenges that significantly hindered its operational efficiency and customer service. A key issue was the company’s heavy reliance on IT experts for managing EDI operations, creating bottlenecks and reducing the organization’s agility. The complexity of the EDI system posed another substantial challenge, especially for staff members with limited IT expertise, making it overwhelming for them to navigate and manage.

“EDI can seem like an impossibly difficult, risky, and complex project to undertake,” says Palle Andersen, IT Application Manager at Flügger.

Furthermore, the order management process at Flügger was inefficient and labor-intensive. This inefficiency led to delays in processing orders, which hurt customer satisfaction. Because of limited proactive monitoring, end-users often detected issues before they were identified by the IT department, impacting overall service quality.

“Monitoring and supervision are hugely important to us. It’s not the end user who has to tell us that things aren’t working. Our monitoring should. We need to detect it before the end user does, and our system couldn’t do that.”


To address these issues, Flügger partnered with Bizbrains, and a strategic EDI training program of Link was introduced to Flügger’s employees. “We were trained in small steps. Bizbrains trains a select few of us, who then roll out this training to the super users we’ve identified,” Andersen explains.

It was a total game-changer, simplifying data management and reducing IT dependencies. It empowered employees to manage EDI tasks themselves, fostering a sense of ownership and capability. “You’re not just buying a product, but also support and guidance – a partnership,” says Andersen.

In parallel, Bizbrains Link integrated advanced monitoring tools for proactive issue detection and swiftly integrated the EDI system into Flügger’s existing ERP system. This not only improved issue resolution but also streamlined the order-to-cash process, marking a significant advancement in Flügger’s digital capabilities.


The collaboration between Flügger and Bizbrains Link yielded significant results. Flügger was able to secure substantial supplier discounts due to a full EDI flow with automatic invoicing, boosting their bottom line. The reduced IT dependency led to a more efficient, cost-effective model, and the training program enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.

“IT is no longer the focal point. It’s more customer support or the sales organization. It has suddenly become possible for them to help a customer who calls them with a problem so they can resolve it. They can often resolve the issue while the customer is on the phone, without having to wait for a case to be opened with IT, and it can take a week before IT looks at it. The customers are so happy, you wouldn’t believe it.”

The new monitoring system enabled proactive issue resolution, improving service quality – one of the key challenges to begin with. This positively impacted customer relations, as Flügger’s teams could swiftly address customer issues, often in real-time. The project also catalyzed an organizational transformation, integrating EDI deeply into Flügger’s operational culture.

“I wouldn’t have dared to dream that I could get the organization to be this involved and professional in how they work. It’s really amazing what we have achieved,” concludes Andersen.

EDI maturity at Flügger

Watch how Flügger achieved huge cost savings with their EDI project and successfully achieved what they call EDI maturity, enabling the entire organization to understand and engage with EDI-related tasks.

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