Tailored B2B integration

Here’s how Link enhances operations and integration across various sectors.

FMCG retail

In the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) retail industry, EDI and B2B integration play a pivotal role in managing real-time data exchange, inventory accuracy, and seamless communication with suppliers, ensuring timely replenishments and optimal stock levels. With accurate inventory visibility and synchronized demand forecasting. Additionally, EDI can facilitate Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) collaboration.

Transport and logistics​

In the logistics industry, EDI and B2B integration are essential for managing diverse processes like transport (IFTMIN or booking) and 3PL interactions. From optimizing shipment visibility to automating order processing, these integrations enhance coordination with partners and carriers, and expedite delivery services while minimizing errors and reducing lead times.


In the banking industry, EDI and B2B integration are vital for secure and seamless payment processing and statement dissemination. Compliance with global standards such as SWIFT and SEPA is crucial for international transactions. Ensuring data accuracy, confidentiality, and regulatory compliance is paramount for maintaining trust with customers and meeting industry standards in financial information exchange.


In the manufacturing industry, EDI and B2B integration play a crucial role in facilitating Just-In-Time (JIT) processes. Seamless data exchange is essential for coordinating with suppliers, managing inventory levels, and ensuring timely deliveries. Accurate and real-time information flow is critical to support efficient production schedules, minimize lead times, and optimize supply chain operations.

Building and industrial suppliers​

In the building and supply industry, a great EDI solution facilitate efficient order processing, inventory management, and timely deliveries for B2B customers. Simultaneously, seamless integration with suppliers ensures smooth procurement processes, optimized inventory levels, and enhanced supplier-customer collaboration. Meeting these requirements is crucial for building strong partnerships.

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