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There is a better solution than spaghetti integrations

You can use the Link integration platform for mainly two things:

In both cases, you have Link as the single point of integration towards "the rest of the world”. This gives you a complete overview of all your integrations and you become more agile as you can upgrade, replace and add systems without the IT house of cards falling down.

Get inspired on how to solve classic challenges of A2A and B2B integration on this site. You can also take the test below to find out if you need to get your company’s IT landscape in order.


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Become more agile and competitive

If you are like most IT managers in medium-sized Danish companies, you are probably tired of never being able to respond quickly enough to requests from the business. But it is not that easy to develop that new, simple customer self-service portal that the CEO or the business developer wants, if you do not have complete control over your data.

You probably also become pretty dizzy just at the thought about upgrading your ERP system, because what will then happen to all the many customizations and integrations you have made along the way, which nobody has a complete overview of?

These are just some of the headaches that you can avoid with Link.


What you get with Link

  • A complete overview because you only have to deal with one point of integration for all your systems.
  • One place to gather all master data, which means that all your systems can rely on the same, valid data.
  • The ability to respond quickly to any requests from the business – because you have the overview to easily make adjustments.
  • The ability to easily add, replace or upgrade a system as you only need to consider one integration point.
  • Electronic document exchange (EDI) with customers and suppliers, so you do not have to spend time on manual data processing.
  • And much more. Let us have a talk about your company’s specific needs.

ICM Safety has gotten a much easier and more efficient everyday

Do you recognize some of the challenges that ICM Safety had with an overloaded ERP system and complex integrations? If you have two minutes to spare, you can find out how ICM fixed this by watching the video below.


"We can see exactly what kind of information that is sent back and forth. We can also see where possible errors occur and even correct them ourselves, so that we can easily move on."

Mathias Toftdal Christensen, IT Project Manager at ICM Safety 

Get control of your B2B integrations (incl. EDI)

Once you have organized your internal integrations, you will probably have the urge to organize your B2B (external) integrations as well. Not least if you have a lot of customers and suppliers with whom you exchange documents.

With Link, you exchange seamless invoices, orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, and whatever else you may need.

No matter if you are the sender or the recipient of the electronic documents, Link makes sure to “translate” between the formats you and your trading partner use.

You can read more about EDI here.


Get the IT landscape of your dreams

  • Is your ERP system completely full of customizations and complex integrations – and far too expensive to upgrade?
  • Is all your data scattered out into many different systems, which means that you never really know for certain if they are accurate or not?
  • Would you like to exchange invoices, orders and other electronic documents with customers and suppliers – in a simple, manageable and user-friendly way?

Then let us have a talk about how to update your integrations both internally and externally.

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