User Management – your way

EDI can be a team sport: You decide who can do what.

As an EDI expert or analyst, you probably spend a lot of working hours answering questions from your co-workers about EDI. Questions from the purchase department, account managers, or others who want to know what happened to those documents that should have been exchanged. These kinds of questions usually take up a lot of time and resources.

Link has a simple user interface that lets your co-workers find the solutions to a lot of EDI-related problems on their own. You just have to register them as users and give them the right permissions. It is up to you to decide what level of permissions each co-worker gets.

Link’s user management meets even the highest demands – from banking, pharma, military and other highly regulated industries 

Link’s user management has been developed in collaboration with some of the most demanding companies in highly regulated industries. These companies not only have to meet some very strict internal safety requirements, but they also have to make sure that they are in compliance with external demands.

You can manage permissions at a user role level or even grant specific access to a certain user if necessary. Whether your demands are complex or simple, user management in Link is easy.

Define roles and user groups your way

Administrate permissions by assigning different roles to users. Examples of roles: “editor”, “support”, “admin”, or “super admin”. You choose which permissions you want to give each role in Link. This means that you simply assign specific permissions to the different roles instead of assigning them to each single user.

For example, a role might have permission to monitor a specific kind of transaction, but not to set up a new trading partner. Or a role could have the authority to set up new document distributions, but not to see the actual transactions. Link lets you define these roles and their permissions; the possibilities are almost endless.

Log in once by integrating with Active Directory

Link lets all your users integrate with your company’s Active Directory, if you wish. This means that users are automatically logged in, via their work station login.

Spend valuable time on valuable things

By delegating some of the EDI-tasks to your co-workers in sales, purchase, logistics, etc., you save valuable time in the EDI department so you can focus on the more complicated tasks where your expertise is needed. And you can rest assured that everyone has access only to the partners, transactions and functionality that they need to in order to do their work – nothing more, nothing less.