Trading Partner Management
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The easiest way to onboard and manage thousands of trading partners

If you are dealing with thousands of trading partners and they keep coming, there is a lot of valuable time to be saved by simplifying your onboarding process and everyday administration.

Link lets you manage all your trading partners in one place, whether it is customers, suppliers, public authorities, logistics providers or others that you exchange business documents with. In Link all these different trading partners are simply referred to as partners.

Link enables you to exchange everything with your partner. From simple orders and invoices to more advanced supply-chain processes, bank payments, customs documents, and much more.

Set up new partners in no time

Link lets you set up a new partner in no time. First, you register a name and a unique identifier. For example, a GLN (Global Location Number) or something else that you and your partner have agreed on.

Whether your partner wants to exchange classic EDI in the form of EDIFACT or X12, or they prefer XML, CSV, JSON, etc., the setup is easily done – Link supports all kinds of formats.

Also, in Link, you and your trading partners can decide how to exchange the documents. For example, if you want to use a VANS. You can learn more about this in the section on transport types.

Keep an overview of your many partners

Handling many different kinds of trading partners, like suppliers, customers, logistics providers, public authorities, etc. can be overwhelming. Link lets you group your partners with different labels that you define. This enables you to group your partners in a way that makes sense to you. Every single partner can be member of different groups if you need that. For example if a trading partner has two labels: supplier and located in Canada.

Ready, steady, test!

Link offers a lot of helpful features for setting up new partners and speed up the test process. For example, an easy FTP / SFTP setup.

No more waiting for IT to create an FTP account, when you need to set up a test with a partner for exchanging files. Link lets you set up an FTP / SFTP account and a password that you can share with your new partner to start exchanging files – right away.