EDI Tracking & Search – your way

No more black-box-EDI! Find any information you need about every single transaction.

Link helps you search for a document sent or received in every imaginable way.

All the transactions made through Link are searchable by for example:

  • Period of time: Get a list of the documents that you have sent on a specific day, week, or month – or on a timeframe set between two dates.
  • Sender: Search for documents from a specific sender.
  • Recipient: Search for documents for a specific recipient.
  • Type of document: Search for orders, invoices, delivery notes, product catalogs, or whatever you are exchanging through EDI.
  • Status of transaction: Failed, completed or processing? Search by any status of transaction.
  • Document number: Search for the invoice number, order number, or whatever information you have.
  • Originating Document ID: If you have an identifier derived from the original sending system, you can search for it as well. For example, it may be an iDoc number if the sender is using SAP.
  • Interchange number: Search for specific batches.
  • Message number: If you are exchanging batches and need to find a specific message in a batch, you can search for it using the message number.
  • File name: If you know the file name of the document you are looking for, you can find it by searching by its name.

Choose extra search options

You might need to search for something other than the basic fields mentioned above. Link lets you choose exactly the search options you want. For example a booking number for a Despatch Advice, an item number from an order, or something else. The possibilities are unlimited!

Search results – your way

When you do a search, Link gives you a simple and manageable list of search results that matches your search criteria. You decide which information you want to see about the documents in your search results: document ID, sender, recipient, transaction date, etc.

If you search for the same thing often, for example failed documents, you can save it as a standard search. That way you can avoid having to define the same search parameters every time.

Even more manageable results

Link lets you make even an extensive list of search results more manageable by filtering and grouping results. For example, you can divide your search results according to specific recipients or types of documents. You can group your search results your way, by simply using the drag-and-drop function.

You can also locate relevant documents in your search result with a free text search. In other words, you have limitless possibilities to search for exactly the information you want. Of course, you can also export your search result and continue your work outside Link.

See all document content and metadata

Link lets you view all content and metadata, once you have located the exact document you were searching for.

You can see the document data in the original format and see which format it has been mapped into. You can also find information about how and when the transaction took place, logging information, AS2 MDN, time stamps, etc. All in all, Link gives you insight into every little step in the transaction process.

Resend any document easily

You might want to resend one or more documents, for example if an error occured in the mapping or at the recipient. Link allows you to resend messages to your trading partner directly from a search result l