EDI Management – your way.
Everything you need in one place.

Tracking & Search

Real-time overview of all documents

Where are the orders you are waiting for? Was the inventory status and forecast sent? Who sent the documents and who received them? Link helps you find exactly the information you need – without having to be an IT expert.

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Trading Partner Management

Boost your onboarding process

Customers, suppliers, public authorities, logistics providers, etc. Set up any trading partner in no time with Link.

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Distributions (EDI Agreements)

Document exchanges – your way

Orders, invoices, delivery notes, product catalogues, inventory status, etc. Link lets you handle any kind of document in any kind of format to any kind of recipient.

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Error Handling

Smooth and reliable document transactions

Is an item number missing in an order you sent? Did a suppliers’ FTP server change password? Is a customer certificate expiring soon? Link gives you a notification instantly when an error occurs. Correct the error and restore the flow.

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Take control of your mappings

Who controls your mappings? Mappings are an investment that should not be left to a VANS partner – this leads to loss of ownership and control. Link helps you control mappings – your way.

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User Management

EDI can be a team sport

Link is made for the EDI expert (you) but your co-workers can also use Link to take care of basic EDI tasks without your help, if you let them. Link lets you manage authority and rights – your way.

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Transport Types

To VANS or not to VANS?

Enjoy unlimited flexibility when it comes to document transport. Use VANS when it makes sense or use AS2, AS4, SFTP, API, e-mail, PEPPOL or other types of transport if they are the better option. Link gives you the freedom to choose your way.

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