Building Better Security around your Integrations

Apr 27 - 2023

9am to 10am (CET)

Online via Zoom

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Is your integration platform really secure?

As an Integration Manager, CTO or IT leader, are you truly aware of the security risks your architecture might be exposed to?

Join us for this insightful webinar as we explore the complexity of security issues that can determine the success (or breakdown) of your integration platform and outline some steps you can take to safeguard your integrations.

By the end of 2022, cyberattacks against companies reached an alarming rate – increasing in both number and sophistication.

In the modern enterprise, your integrations play a critical role in core business and are often the most vulnerable part of your IT landscape. As platform made up of numerous “tentacles” of both internal systems and external partners – many of them interconnected or dependent on another, an attack on a single part can lead to disaster for the entire infrastructure.

In this webinar, Bizbrains´ CTO, Paw Sandal Pedersen and IT Manager, Karsten Markmann will discuss:

  • Specific items in your integration landscape to particularly safeguard, including a few that are often overlooked.
  • Common threat trends targeting growing enterprises and techniques used today.
  • Security pain points commonly seen with legacy systems (i.e., those that only authenticate with username and password and finally.
  • How to protect your integration platform from potential threats - including disaster recovery plans, and the importance of backing up data correctly.

Don't wait to find out the hard way about security threats to your integration platform. Join us and learn how to safeguard your integration platform and protect your business's heart.

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Karsten Markmann

Karsten Markmann

IT Manager

Paw Pedersen

Paw Pedersen

CTO & Co-Founder

Dennis Zachariasen

Dennis Zachariasen

Webinar Host & Co-Founder