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Unlock the full potential of your business with Bizbrains, your go-to source for cutting-edge EDI software. Our robust and scalable solution, Link, simplifies and elevates the cost-effectiveness of your collaborations with trading partners.

Navigating the integration landscape can take time and effort, leading to downtime and financial setbacks. Our team of business specialists is here to help. We are ready to discuss your unique needs, and together, we’ll tailor a solution perfectly suited to your company and ensure it’s futureproof.

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A state-of-the-art platform

Link connects you to your customers, suppliers, and other B2B partners securely and transparently, making setup and support a breeze.

Why choose Link?

Say goodbye to rigid, one-size-fits-all solutions and welcome the adaptability and transparency that Bizbrains Link offers.

Say goodbye to IT bottlenecks​

With Link, you’ll reduce dependency on IT, liberate your resources, and expedite integration processes.

Tailored to your unique needs​

Customizing your integration setup to match your requirements and workflows puts you in control.

“IT is no longer the main focus. Now, customer support and sales can swiftly assist customers with problems, often resolving issues during the call. This quick response brings immense satisfaction to our customers.”

Palle Andersen, IT Application Manager at Flügger

An integration platform that´s purpose-built for your line of business.​

Don´t let your tech teams drown in complex IT. Link is the operations-geared alternative to cumbersome data integration solutions that leave your employees in the dark. Empower your line of business to take charge of a more transparent B2B process, every day.

Your way to effortless B2B integration management

All-in-one solutions for seamless integration.

Tracking & Search

Real-time document overview

Waiting on important orders? Need to check inventory and forecasts? Wondering about document origins and destinations? Link puts the information you need at your fingertips, no IT expertise required.

Trading Partner Management

Streamlined onboarding

Rapidly onboard customers, suppliers, authorities, and logistics partners with Link. Effortlessly manage any trading partner.

Distributions (EDI Agreements)

Seamless document exchanges

Whether it’s orders, invoices, delivery notes, product catalogs, or inventory data, Link seamlessly handles documents in any format, for any recipient.

Error Handling

Reliable document transactions

Receive instant error notifications with Link. Quickly correct errors and maintain a smooth document flow.


Control your mappings

Retain ownership and control of your mappings with Link. Don’t rely on a VAN partner to sort it out for you – customize your mappings to suit your needs.

User Management

Collaborative EDI

Empower your team with Link. While it caters to EDI experts like you, it also enables co-workers to manage basic EDI tasks independently, under your authority.

Transport Types

Flexible document transports

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in document transport with Link. Use VAN or explore AS2, AS4, SFTP, API, email, PEPPOL, and other transport options. The choice is yours.