Automize processes and boost productivity

As one of the most experienced and renowned specialists within BizTalk, we take full responsibility for our customers’ solutions, so that you can spend time on the more important and valuable things instead.


  • Operation – we make sure that your BizTalk installation works impeccably.
  • Development – we help you integrate to new systems and partners.
  • Support – we are available 24/7 if you need immediate assistance.
  • Architecture – we focus on securing your installation for the future.

The largest team of BizTalk specialists in Northern Europe

We have the largest team of specialists in Northern Europe who handle operations daily for a wide range of large companies – including several C25 companies.

With BizTalk as our main competence and more than 30 dedicated BizTalk professionals, we can manage all aspects of your installation.

We are certified specialists and Microsoft Gold Partner within integration, so you are in perfectly safe hands when you entrust your BizTalk installation to us.


Resize according to your needs - even with short notice

We are quite unique when it comes to flexibility. We can easily allocate the resources needed for your specific task because we have so many specialized BizTalk consultants.

You have the option of resizing according to your needs with short notice and get a custom-made agreement that accommodates your wishes and requirements.

We will assign one of our most experienced colleagues to your project as your main Bizbrains contact.

BizTalk and Azure

We at Bizbrains know that the future lies in the cloud. That is why we focus on Microsoft’s Azure iPaaS, which is their cloud-based integration technology. We follow the development very closely and are continuously in contact with Microsoft about both their existing and future technologies for integration, like for example Logic Apps and Azure API Management, so that we can advice and guide our customers in the best possible way.

We want to be the best at Azure integration and we strive to keep our Azure experts updated about the latest development within the technology. We also strive to share our knowledge and experiences and er regularly organize different Azure events like seminars and workshops for our clients and other integration nerds.

In other words, we are very focused on integration strategies and architecture based on our customers, who we want to support all the way – also into the future and into the cloud.

Click here, if you want to know more about Bizbrains and Azure.

No more black box with BizTalk

We often see companies struggling in situations where even the minor integration malfunction causes a lot of frustration. It can be difficult to find the source to the error and get a complete overview of the situation – and no one really knows how to navigate around the system.

All of this will get a lot easier with Bizbrains as your permanent supplier. Our solutions are comparable and therefore easy to maintain. We can also install our portal Link onto your BizTalk if you want.

Link enables your co-workers who are not BizTalk professionals to handle many of the daily tasks and problems like setting up partners and searching for errors.