Azure Integration Services

Logic App, Service Bus, Event Grid and API Management

Microsoft Azure offer 4 new exciting technologies that can make digital integration a lot easier:

  • Logic Apps coordinates your business processes, workflows and much more.
  • API Management delivers a long line of services to control the access to your APIs.
  • Service Bus offers reliable enterprise messaging.
  • Event Grid gives you the possibility of publishing and subscribing to events.

Together they form “Azure iPaaS”, which stands for Azure integration Platform as a Service.

Azure iPaaS provides you with new opportunities and it is easy to get started when your requirements start to outgrow your current technologies.

Logic Apps

Your applications need to be well integrated so that they can support business processes across different systems. Maybe you need access to a cloud service like Salesforce CRM to update an Oracle or SQL Server database that runs on your own servers.

How to go about this? One of the more traditional options would be by C#, Java, or something else that needs to be deployed and maintained. However, this is often time consuming compared to how simple the requirements specification is. A cloud-based workflow technology like Logic Apps with its intuitive drag-and-drop designer is often a much better solution for simple integration scenarios like this one.


API Management (APIM)

Modern applications often expose APIs for some of their functionality – both on-premise and cloud applications. That is why it is easy to integrate with them.

A workflow solution (like Logic Apps) can easily accomplish a complete business process by calling different APIs from different applications that each execute a part of the process.

However, it is not always straightforward to make APIs available in a responsible way. It is not sufficient to simply expose the APIs on your network. You must control the following:

  • Who should have permission to call the APIs?
  • How much can each user load an API?
  • Can the response time be optimized by caching?
  • How do you monitor and report on the usage?
  • How do the developers gain easy access to documentation and code examples?

Be in control of this (and more) with Azure APIM.


Service Bus

Software communicating with software – that is the key when you talk about A2A (application-to-application) integration. But how will this communication take place?

Sometimes a direct call through API Management will be sufficient. Other times a synchronized method like that will not work. What if both applications are not available at the same time for example? A situation like that will demand an asynchronous approach. And that is exactly what Service Bus can offer.


Event Grid

Event management is known in most programming languages. Events are also very useful when it comes to integration. Instead of having an application asking another application constantly whether a change has taken place, the application can register its interest and that way receive an event when a change takes place. This happens through push notifications. The event can also initiate a webservice call or pull a message from a Service Bus.

This is exactly what Azure Event Grid can do for you.