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Why did we create Link?

You are probably the best person to tell us why we created Link.

How often do you have a day like this:

  • As a manager: your team delivers an EDI project on time.
  • As a developer: you have time do develop new features and formats and do not spend all your time on support.
  • As a supporter: you answer all questions without being dependent on the IT department or developers.
  • As a user: you are able to track documents without help.

If you can’t remember the last time you had a day like that, then you know exactly why we created Link.

EDI – your way

Link was created because many large companies were not happy with their EDI solutions. They were frustrated with the limitations in their solutions and that they had to ask IT for help every time they had an EDI operational task to solve. They wanted an EDI management solution that could give them freedom to work with EDI exactly the way they wanted.

But who could come up with a solution like that?

That would be Bizbrains– A Scandinavian company that specializes in integration. Our highly specialized and experienced employees are ready to help companies all over the world set up an EDI management solution that can strengthen the companies’ relationship to their customers and suppliers.

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