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Azure: Setting up a Custom Connector for Logic Apps

Get to know the basics of creating a custom connector for Logic Apps in Microsoft Azure with this step-by-step guide.

ERP or BOB? The Confessions of an ERP Sales Manager

Do you hold the opinion that your ERP system should be able to solve all tasks, or would you prefer the best system for the job?

All Leaders Are IT Leaders

“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability” – this is just as true in code and processes as it is in organizations and their collaboration.

3 Ways to Do a XSLT Transformation in Azure

Transformations are some of the core functionalities in integrations solutions. This blog post will teach you three different techniques on how to apply transformations using the tools provided by Microsoft Azure.

Encoding 101 - Part 1: What Is Encoding?

So, you might think that text is simply text. Well, think again. In this series of blog posts we shall descend to the byte level, study how text is actually represented by computers, and discuss how this impacts your integration solutions.

Encoding 101 - Part 2: Windows-1252 vs. UTF-8

If only the entire IT industry had agreed on a common encoding back in the day, things would be considerably easier to deal with now. However, this is not the case ...

Encoding 101 - Part 3: Error Scenarios

What happens to the data when there is a mismatch in the encodings used to read and write it? We’ve now come to the central issue with having multiple encodings and why it matters so much to integration solutions.

Encoding 101 - Part 4: How to Prevent Encoding Problems

The existence and usage of multiple different text encodings frequently lead to problems, particularly in integration. A problem caused by an encoding error can be tremendously difficult to trace and solve ...

The MS Office Character Replacement Problem

The MS Office suite has been responsible for major productivity boosts over the years. However, it can also play merry hell with integration solutions.

Azure API Management: Tools & Functions

Is the management platform from Microsoft, in fact, worth the hype? And what are the actual functions and tools that come with the service?