What is PEPPOL?

And how do you get started?

PEPPOL in short

You have probably come across the word PEPPOL in several places and perhaps in connection with the concept of EDI.

PEPPOL is a European EDI standard and a network for the electronic exchange of business documents. PEPPOL is broadly similar to the Danish NemHandel, but covers the entire EU, and indeed several non-European countries.

If you are or are going to trade with the public sector in Europe, then PEPPOL should have your attention. All public authorities and institutions in Europe must be able to receive electronic invoices in the PEPPOL standard. By using this single EDI standard, your company can exchange invoices and other business documents with the public across Europe.

PEPPOL's great potential

The potential for PEPPOL is great – also for communication between private companies. The more companies that adopt the standard, the more PEPPOL will also become the EDI standard used for the exchange of documents between private companies. And these do not just include invoices, but also orders, shipping documents, electronic product catalogs, and other types of business documents.

That is why PEPPOL is growing fast – not only within Europe but also outside where, for example, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand have joined the PEPPOL track.

Why you should consider using PEPPOL

  • You will have a secure method of receiving and sending documents to the public sector across Europe.
  • You gain access to an international network that is also used outside the EU.
  • You avoid having to exchange your electronic documents through a traditional VANS network, which often entails unnecessary costs.

How does PEPPOL work?

For your company to exchange documents via PEPPOL, you must have access to a so-called PEPPOL Access Point. A PEPPOL Access Point gives you access to the entire PEPPOL network, allowing you to exchange documents with all the organizations and companies around the world that are affiliated with an Access Point.

You can choose from many different PEPPOL Access Points like, for example, Bizbrains. Bizbrains is a certified PEPPOL Access Point, and as our customer, you can get access to the entire PEPPOL network.

The unique thing about PEPPOL is that your EDI solution does not need to know which PEPPOL Access Points or which systems your customers and suppliers are using – just as they do not need to know yours.

Therefore, your company still needs an EDI solution that can exchange documents in different EDI standards. But the PEPPOL standard itself offers many more options than you have if you only use traditional EDI standards.

Let Bizbrains help you get started with PEPPOL

Bizbrains is a certified PEPPOL Access Point, which means that we can connect your company with all other Access Points in the world. We create this connection through our integration platform Link. If you already use Link in the cloud version, then you are all set and ready for PEPPOL. Just let us know that you want to apply the standard. If you are a new user, we will help you get started.

Bizbrains is also part of the association called OpenPEPPOL. It is through this organization that we get to influence the development of the PEPPOL standard. We are also always immediately informed about any changes or new initiatives that are of importance to you.

The PEPPOL development is happening, and it is happening fast. For example, new versions of the standard are constantly being developed. It is very important to be aware of this development for otherwise your documents exchanges will fail. We are watching this development with a close eye and making the necessary adjustments so that your documents continue to flow back and forth as they should.

Give us a call at +45 7070 1644 and get started right away.