When you trade with public entities in Denmark

If your company is trading with any public entities in Denmark, then you have, without a doubt, come across concepts like NemHandel or EAN invoice. And if you just started providing services or products to Danish public organizations or institutions, then you need to know what NemHandel is and how to get started.

What is NemHandel?

All municipalities, regions, and government institutions in Denmark receive invoices using NemHandel. It is the type of invoice that is also known as an EAN invoice or an OIO invoice. Public authorities do not handle invoices that come with regular mail or email, so if you want payment for your services or products, you have to use NemHandel.

But NemHandel is not a solution that you can only use when you are trading with public entities. You can also use NemHandel to exchange electronic documents with the many private companies that also use NemHandel.

What does your business benefit from NemHandel?

Here are some of the opportunities your company has with NemHandel:

  • You can send invoices to the public sector throughout Denmark.
  • You can exchange documents with all other companies that also use NemHandel. This applies not only to invoices but also to other types of business documents.

NemHandel and EDI

NemHandel is built on the EDI standard OIOUBL.

If you are not interested in diving into EDI yourself or do not have people hired to handle it, then it is a good idea to hire an EDI provider. It could be Bizbrains, for example. We are experts in EDI and know every aspect from scratch. If you choose to use our cloud-based version of the EDI solution Link, you will get a solution that automatically converts your business documents to OIOUBL and sends them to the right recipient.

What does the future look like for NemHandel?

In the coming years, NemHandel will be influenced by what is called the European e-invoicing directive. It is a directive designed to facilitate cross-border trade across the EU. This means that in the future, all public institutions and authorities must be able to receive invoices in the PEPPOL standard. In Denmark, this means that PEPPOL will replace NemHandel over time, and the OIOUBL standard will be phased out. If you have our EDI solution Link, it does not have much practical significance, because Link is already set up to handle PEPPOL.