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Link handles integrations on a unified platform. Connect, support, track and react
– become easier to do business with.

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Onboard your trading partners faster than ever

Set up partners. Choose formats. Perform tests. Manage authorizations. All in one place.

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Premium support to your coworkers and trading partners

Track and find documents. Detect potential issues before they appear. You have all the answers.

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Out-of-the-box compliance and security

Be prepared for audit. Link logs every action and every transaction. Present complete audit trails that are compliant with the demands and regulations in your industry.

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Manage your global supply chain EDI

Control every single transaction between you and your wide network of suppliers and customers. No more black-box-EDI.

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Ready to manage EDI and API your way?

See why large companies from a wide variety of industries use Link to exchange documents with customers and suppliers all over the world. Adapted to their business.

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