Get started with Azure iPaaS

Do you want to get started using the new Azure Integration Services; Logic Apps, Service Bus, Event Grid and API Management? We can help you with that!

We can help you and make sure that you get a smooth transformation to the new Microsoft tools, if you already have an integration solution that runs on BizTalk.


We are hosting a full-day Azure Seminar September 20th at Microsoft Denmark - You can read more about the event here


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You can also read more about Microsoft Azure here


Do you work with Supply Chain EDI on a large scale?

Then let us help you with on-boarding your many suppliers and customers – fast and at a reasonable price. By using Link (our EDI management platform), you can easily keep track of all your document flows and manage all your daily tasks.

Orders, forecasts, invoices, delivery notes, logistics documents, product catalogues, payments, and much more…

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Do you have a ”Best of Breed” IT strategy?

Best of Breed (BoB) strategy means that you choose the “best system for the job” – unlike when you keep everything in an ERP system. That gives you the best Warehouse Management, the best CRM, the best web shop, etc.

Bizbrains has both the knowledge and tools to make your BoB strategy succeed. For example, by getting control of governance and data.


Reliability, professionalism and thoroughness



”Some of the things that characterizes our collaboration with Bizbrains are the values that we share. They are reliability, professionalism, and thoroughness. We value those things very high.”

Morten Høilund, CEO of Logistics at Prime Cargo

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We will help you accomplish all tasks within B2B integration and Application integration.